We believe our clients deserves the very best service available. We take the time to get to know you so we can help plan a perfect and stress free relocation for you and your family.

Our process

Estate agents work for the seller. We represent you.

Having us work for you means you and your family’s interests are number one. In a competitive market, properties come and go quickly. Relocate.je will spot opportunities early and move quickly to secure the deal for you when searching for property in Jersey. Property searching can be costly, especially when moving to a new area. We work as your independent agent, representing your interests and working on your behalf, saving you money and time.

Estate agents & vendors like doing business with property finders if it aids the arrangement of the sale. Our open approach and charter enable us to build clear relationships, serving our clients well in a competitive market and difficult negotiations. Our clients are serious buyers and estate agents understand this. This makes you the ‘favoured buyer’ and puts you in a very strong negotiating position.

Property searching can be time consuming and energy sapping. Many of our clients say that majority of the search is simply not a good use of their time and having an agent speed up the process is always well received. It helps to get expert advice from people not emotionally involved. We can get to know and understand your needs. With us working on your behalf simplifies decision-making and helps you focus on what’s really important.

What we do for our clients

  • Initial consultation to understand client aims and vision.

  • Property identification and initial ‘long list’ review with client.

  • Arranging and undertaking of ‘short list’ viewings.

  • Further identification and viewings if required.

  • Legal and surveyor engagement and opinion sourcing.

  • Lending engagement and arrangement.

  • Pricing sense check using own experience and access to large network of agents.

  • Offer negotiation and submission to achieve a fair pricing outcome.

  • Liaison and co-ordination of all parties involved.

  • Project management of rental/purchase completion.

  • Regular client communication and availability on day-to-day basis.

  • Assistance with other contacts required i.e. for schooling, moving logistics, professional/financial services, licensing, lifestyle, etc.



Finding the right family home for you


Once we have your brief, we conduct an extensive property search for on and off market properties which fit your criteria. Our in-depth search of all the possible options within your requirements on the island is then reviewed with you at your convenience. We approach estate agents, audit print and online property press and seek out private sales that might not otherwise have come to market. You’re kept informed throughout, sent regular updates and encouraged to give your feedback as the search progress is refined. Our aim is to provide an independent view of the Jersey property market, with advice on hand throughout our time together.  The aim is to source the right home for your family, that will enable you to live the life you envisage in Jersey.


The shortlist of suitable property matches


We view many properties relating to your requirements on your behalf and shortlist the best to present to you. We then arrange for you and your family to view with us, allowing us to offer expertise, experience and advice as we travel together between properties. We then agree a definitive list of suitable matches and help you assess all options.


Getting you the best possible deal


When you think you’ve found the right property, we give you an assessment of whether it represents value for money and advise on the often complex set of local conditions that influence the property’s present and future desirability and price. By using a combination of both our expertise and experience in negotiations, and the strong bargaining power that a ’represented’ buyer status brings, we’re in a strong position to bargain hard on price.


Finishing touches & after care


We can recommend surveyors, mortgage advisors and solicitors or are happy to act as intermediary with your own contacts, to ensure a smooth and efficient purchase. We can suggest interior designers and trades people to undertake any work you might need. Right through to after care, we work as your independent consultant and strive to give you the property and contacts you need to feel at home in Jersey.


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We believe our clients deserves the very best service available. We take the time to get to know you so we can help plan a perfect and stress free relocation for you and your family.