Jersey has plenty to offer when it comes to place to visit. far too many to list in this post, however, below are details of a few of our favourites. will of course provide you with an extensive list local place to visit in your welcome pack.

Cycle in Jersey

There are a multitude of beautiful places to take a cycle ride in Jersey and with a maximum speed limit of just 40 miles an hour in Jersey the roads are a safe option even for younger cyclists (in fact most country lanes have a 15mph, 20mph and 30mph speed limit. There are also the old Railway track (that used to be the old Jersey railway which no longer exists), a gravel track that also offer miles of stunning countryside views and a very safe option to cycle on.

Durrell Wildlife Park

Yes Jersey even has its own world renowned zoo set in 32 acres and home to 130 exotic, endangered species. Devoted to protecting these animals the zoo is at the forefront of animal preservation and is famous for being set up by Gerald Derrell.

Mont Orgueil Castle

Built to protect the Island from invasion form France, the island benefits from several castles and forts, which Mont Orgueil Castle being the largest (locally know as Gorey Castle due to its location).


Jersey has some of Europes most beautiful beaches and as an islander you will be lucky enough to take advantage of them when ever you want. Our favourite is St Brelades bay which is absolutely stunning for a day out at the beach, of if you prefer to try surfing then St Ouens bay is the best beach ft catch big waves.

The Jersey War Tunnels

One of the most interesting things to in Jersey Channel Islands is visit the Jersey War Tunnels. If you’re fascinated by Jersey’s 5-year occupation by the Nazis in WWII, then Jersey War Tunnels will be right up your street. Winston Churchill’s decision to refuse to defend the island during the second world war resulted in a 5 year occupancy by the German Army. During their time here they used prisoners of war to build several tunnels, with the most famous being the underground hospital. This has been turned into a museum and is highly recommended.
Sports and Activity Centres
There are plenty activity centres for you to choose from in Jersey. Swimming pools, sports centres, outdoor sport fields and running tracks as well as indoor activity centres that provide trampolining and 5 a side soccer pitches. You will be spoilt for choice.
Thats just a few for you to consider, and we promise you there are plenty more which Matt will let yo know about in your welcome pack.