Five Star Dining on the Island

Quite simply put, Jersey is a foodies paradise. There are hundreds of hotels, pubs restaurants and cafes that offer excellent food for you to choose from. Each have their own qualities and specialities and there is a fully international choice of cuisines are available, you really will be completely spoilt for choice. will of course provide a full list of places to wine

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Sport on the Island

It may be a small island but our islanders benefit form a wide range of sporting facilities and sporting events, enough to keep you healthy or entertain all year round. There are plenty of sports centres, gyms, swimming pools and outdoor sport facilities to keep your inner sportsman or woman busy and if you prefer watching rather than taking part then there are regular

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Activities for the family

Jersey has wide range of activities and events that will keep the entire family business through out the year.  We will list just a few of them here, however, as part of the service you will be provided with an extensive list of every available activity as part of your welcome pack. Water Activities As an Island there are obviously plenty of water

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Events in Jersey

It may be a relatively small island, but Jersey packs plenty of punch when it comes to putting on events. The are a wide range of events for you to choose from with there will be something suitable to keep both young and older family members. We will list just a few here and will provide you with a full itinerary of events

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World Class Beaches

It is what the tourists have been coming to Jersey for, for over a century, and our lucky islanders get to enjoy them for free all year round. Jersey boasts a multitude of beaches, with some being listed as world class by national press and tourist organisations. No doubt once you move to Jersey you will be spending plenty of time enjoying them too.

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